What is NHL 18 Release Date?

NHL 18 Release date has been confirmed by its developers EA Sports. The hockey game is going to be released on……a Tuesday!

When is NHL 18 Release Date?

When is NHL 18 Release Date?

EA Sports have hinted that their next game from NHL series; NHL 18 will be released in the month of September this 2017. We have successfully predicted the actual release date and we believe that we are close to the release date EA sports is going to choose for NHL 18.

Before going on to the release date for NHL 18, let’s look at the past release date for games in NHL series.

The oldest NHL as a fan remembers is NHL 14, this was the year the game took a revolution and became a sensation in the field of sports simulations. The game that year was released on September 10, 2013. NHL 15 was then released on September 9 of 2014, NHL 16 on September 13 of 2015 and the latest one NHL 17 was released in September 13, 2016. The common factor in this date is second week of September but we found one more striking common factor. The game was released on Tuesday in each of these dates. Therefore, we predict that NHL 17 release date is going to be September 12, 2017, which is a Tuesday.

NHL Game Release Date
NHL 14 September 10, 2013
NHL 15 September 9, 2014
NHL 16 September 9, 2015
NHL 17 September 13, 2016
NHL 18 Release Date September 12, 2017

The game will come in the same time all across the Untied States and rest of the world but there might be time difference factoring in when you will be able to play the game.

We will update you will the specific timing for the different region across the United States and different regions of the world.

NHL 18 Cover Image featuring Braden Holtby

NHL 18 for PlayStation 4

NHL 18 release date for different consoles

NHL 18 PS4 release date: September 12, 2017

NHL 18 Xbox One release date: September 12, 2017

NHL 18 PC release date: September 12, 2017

NHL 18 Android/IOS release date: Not going to be released

NHL 18 release date for PS3 and Xbox 360: TBA (we predict September 12, 2017)

NHL 18 release date for different continent

Asia: September 13, 2017

North America: September 12, 2017

Latin America: September 12, 2017

Australia: September 13, 2017

Europe: September 12, 2017

There are going to be different versions of NHL 18. They include NHL 18 Standard Edition, NHL 18 DeluxeEdition, NHL 18 Legacy Edition, and NHL 18 PS$ Bundle Edition

You can play the game earlier if you subscribe to EA Access. It will allow you to play the game almost 2 days early and play the game for a few hours (2 hr limited gameplay) a week before the release.

Another way you could play the game early is by getting into EA’s beta access. For this, you must be eligible with following requirements:

  1. Have NHL 17 game in PS4 or Xbox
  2. Have EA Access/ Vault
  3. Frequent HUT player and online lobby player.

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