NHL 18 Features Wishlist – What do you want?

The release date for NHL 18 is yet to be announced but there are a lot of fans that want the game to have new additional features and ideas implemented for the next NHL 18. Today, we have a huge list of a wishlist that we want to see in the next NHL game.

NHL 18 New Features and Wishlist

NHL 18 New Features and Wishlist

Don’t forget to comment what you want to see in the game.

Career Mode: The main wishlist for NHL 18 would be adding the feature of career mode in it. EA has implemented this feature in FIFA series since a long time and it has changed the way we see and play the game. A career mode would be amazing with the feature to play cups for your team and world cup with your nationals. It would also feature things like demands to be traded, get contract holdouts, sign offer sheets and other things which could eventually take over the PRO mode.

Additional Jerseys: Hockey Ultimate Team has a bunch of jerseys to choose from but there are no options to get a third jersey. You are stuck with just the two; light and darker jersey. There are fans who want more than two in the ultimate team.

Create New teams: In the franchise mode; which is being able to control the overall of the game, the gamers should be able to create new teams for the National Hockey League series. The new team would have your own given name, a choice to add players and staffs and choose crest. This would mean that your own dream team can compete in domestic cups. Doesn’t that sound fun.

New Coaches: There have been licensing problem with all the coaches in NHL series so far. We have been stuck with the same old coaches for a while and EA Sports should consider this immediately as the gamers are starting to get fed up with the old Fiddler or Ivan. The game could use additional assistant coaches and for each position. As for HUT, these new staff would pair up to create a new chemistry set.

Hire and Sack coaches: The next NHL 18 should feature full control over the game; meaning the gamers should be able to hire and fire coaches. In the franchise mode, the gamers should be given liberty to control all the staff members with a feature to add additional assistant coaches. This should have a significant impact on the game in overall.

Contracts and Transfer: The new generation of NHL 18 should feature real life like contract negotiation and transfers. Till date, the game contract for a player will be set if you offer around eighty percent of their fees but it doesn’t happen in real life. Other factors are not taken into account so far in NHL 17 but we expect bug changes in NHL 18. It should not just be a mathematical decision, the player’s status and the negotiating party’s status should also be considered.

Interviews: The developers should bring back post and pre-match interviews like it were there in NHL 14. There were categories for which the interview was taken place. They should use the modern technology available to get this feature right on point.

New Celebrations: During GM or PRO mode, the celebrations continue to be the same and people are fed up with it. Whether it be the cup win celebration or individual ones, there should be a feature for gamers to skate around the field with the cup in hand. Kissing the cup after winning it could be another celebration that could be added.

Skill Competitions: You should be able to get extra rewards in the game/PRO mode by competition in skill modes. There should be a mini version of the game that would make sure that you can get incentives that can be redeemed in a regular season. This has been applied effectively in FIFA and NBA games.

EASHL changes: This mode should provide players in progress properly in the game but in a natural way. The current feature where you can barely progress in this mode is annoying.

Ask for a trade: When the game is going to well, you should have an option to ask the coach for the trade by smashing you on the fourth line until you get the negotiated trade.

Change of position: All the new members in a team should be able to change/ modify their playing position. This is a simple feature but people are furious cause it hasn’t happened yet.

Custom Season Length: The season length should be accurate in terms of actual NHL season. There is a simple inconsistency which needs to be fixed immediately.

New conditions: The gamers want limited edition stadiums, classic/outdoor rink, toques and turtlenecks, poor ice conditions and snow.

Manager Mode: The franchise mode and the GM could be combined into a manager mode. This mode would only have certain specific features like they have in FIFA series. There are fans who want this to happen in the next NHL 18 game.

Server Upgrades: The gameplay experience in an online game is degrading since there are many players playing the game online. This should be addressed immediately by the developers for NHL 18 servers.

Dedicated EASHL servers: There should be dedicated SHL servers for the game as it would take the EASHL into the peak and the develops could also be benefited by this.

Modify sponsors: There should be an option to change the game sponsor in the franchise mode and place them in a custom place in the game arena.

Practice Mode: There should be a practice mode in EASHL like it used to be in the older version of the game. Surprisingly, this is one of the most requested features for NHL 18.

Game Face: EA should focus more on getting the game faces for the players rather than improving the HUT. This way the game becomes more realistic rather than EA’s money pit.

Changed mode name: Someone suggested changing the name of the modes from EASHL and GM to MyRink and MyDropIN. This actually sounds more fun.

3×3 Mode: There are more than just a few gamers who want a 3 vs 3 game mode in the NHL 18. It could be modified into a practice rounds as well.

Ref Mode: Although this sounds unrealistic, there are too many requests for this to be ignored. If it was possible, though, there are a specific group of people who would just buy the game for this reason.

Now, it’s your turn to comment what you want to see in the next EA NHL game.  The wish list will be updated with all of your comments and a final draft will be sent to the development team in August 2017.

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