NHL 18 Cover Stars – Who is the NHL 18’s next face?


Every Year there are new National Hockey League players who fight for their place in the most famous Hockey Game – NHL 18. In this article, we are going to discuss top contenders for this position. Before we begin let’s discuss how EA selects the stars for the cover.

NHL 18 Cover Stars

NHL 18 Cover Stars

EA looks into the top players in the latest NHL season and tries to sign the player in an official licensing deal. This is not similar to player face and name license that EA has with the NHL and World Hockey Organization. They try to persuade the in-form player to be featured on the cover for a certain amount of signing fee and a hefty bonus.

Alternatively, EA has easy access to players who were featured on the covers of the previous year. They will try to talk to that player and bring in an analyst about the success for the current stars in the NHL 17 covers. If the stars are well acknowledged across the NHL game series and have impacted the sales, the developers will want to renew the contract and offer new cash insensitive.

Now, let’s look at the players who could be the new face of NHL 18 covers.

Braden Holtby

NHL 18 Cover Braden Holtby image

Branden plays as a goaltender for Washington Capital and Canada national ice hockey team. With his inclusion in NHL All-Star Game in 2016 and 2017, he also has won World Cup of Hockey for his country. He is expected to be the cover of NHL 18 since he is one of the most famous ice hockey player with a currently existing contract with EA Sports.


Jamie Benn

NHL 18 Cover Jamie Benn image

The Dallas Star Left Winger who is also the club captain has impressive goal stats with 218 goals and 300 assists in his overall career. Benn represents Canada and has won gold in Junior Championship and Winter Olympics. In the current season, he has 26 goals and 43 assists in 77 games which have helped him win a spot in NHL All-Star Team. There are a ton of Dallas Fans who want to see him on the covers of the latest NHL 18.


Sidney Crosby

NHL 18 Cover Sidney Crosby image

Born in Nova Scotia, the Pittsburgh Penguins Center player has a stunning record in the latest seasons. During his debut, he was named the Next One or Sid the Kid and he definitely lived up to the expectation with more than 400 goals in 800 games. He has won several achievements for his brilliance in NHL including the Oder of Nova Scotia, and MVP for 7 times including in the latest season for the Pittsburgh’s. There is a high chance that he will be featured on the covers of NHL 18 cover.


Drew Doughty

NHL 18 Cover Drew Doughty image

The Los Angeles King defender has been phenomenal in the latest season with 12 goals and 32 assists all from defense. The Canadian has been awarded for his contribution to his team and country. Some of his greatest achievements are winning the Stanley Cup, being in the All-Star Team and being in the Olympic All-Star in 2014. The defender has a career stats of about a hundred goals and about three hundred assists with 700 games played. He is not the best candidate to get his place in NHL 18 covers but he might be in covers of special editions. Do you see him on the main cover of NHL 18?


Alexander Ovechkin

NHL 18 Cover Alexander Ovechkin image

Ovechkin is a Russian professional who plays for Washington Capitals in the NHL. The former HC Dynamo Moscow has been a legend in the field of NHL with being featured in NHL All-Star Team more than 10 times. He is the sixth player to score more than fifty goals in a season for six consecutive times. He has also been named the NHL player of the year for 2008,2009 and 2013 which is his biggest achievements. The soon to be a veteran is expected by a ton to be honored in the covers on NHL 18 covers.


Patrick Kane

The Chicago Blackhawk right winger, Kane is an American international. He started his career in 2007 and has managed to get more than 20 awards and achievements in his name. His biggest achievement in his recent seasons is winning the Hart Memorial Trophy, Ted Lindsay Award, and Art Ross Trophy all in a single 2016-16 season. He has been in NHL All-Star team since 2015. He has a total career 285 goals recorded out of 700 games. There are a lot of Blackhawk fans who want to see him in the NHL 18 covers.


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