NHL 18 Ultimate Team – New Features in NHL 18 HUT

There has been a new hype around the release of EA Sports NHL 18. As we reach closer to the release date of NHL 18, there are going to be new speculations around the game about the release date, new features and wish lists. In this article, we are going to talk about the new NHL 18 HUT and new features that we want to see.

NHL 18 HUT Features

NHL 18 HUT Features

Last year, NHL launched a brand-new series of features in the Ultimate Team and improved many other existing aspects including computer-controlled player analysis. This year, us fans are expecting features that take our gaming experience to the next level. Let’s discuss the feature that we might see in the upcoming NHL 18 which is set to launch this fall.

Improve Draft Mode

The addition of the NHL 18 Draft mode was the biggest hit in the 2016 edition of the game. We would, however, want to see some improvement in this game mode inside HUT 18. The game mode has a lot of improvement that EA can enforce on but we are suggesting that the Draft Champions was not updated until the last quarter after NHL 17 was released.  This was a big letdown the NHL gamers from all over the world.

In NHL 18, we can expect a lot of updates when the new gaming season progressed but we would like to see a major update like “adding the Draft Champions feature’ already included in the initial game. As the new HUT cards are released each month, the draft champions were updated but it would be amazing if this happened every week.

Rank Draft Mode

There should be a new ranking system when it comes to Draft Champions rankings. NHL 18 HUT can add an additional ranked section of Draft that requires a certain number of coins or points to enter. This could be a big step for NHL 18 towards an eSports. NFL 17 aka Madden 17 started the Madden Bowl which ended up having a winning prize of $250000 Draft Championship winner ranked No 1. NHL 18 should also look into this.

Fix Desync Glitch

The biggest glitch problem with EA Servers and current NHL game is the desync HUT glitch. If you are playing with someone they desync the game, it will be hours before you will be able to connect to the HUT. This can be really frustrating for players who like to have multiple player games in the Ultimate Team.

Improve Servers – Boot Problem

This might be a smaller problem per say but it still needs fixing in the soon releasing NHL 18. When you are playing a game online and the opponents internet connection is left, you are stuck with the game screen and AIs before you can exit the game. There is a simple solution for this which is dedicated servers for each game like in FIFA.

Fewer HUT Packs

To be completely fair, HUT is not that good compared to Ultimate teams for FIFA or Madden. The only big thing that everyone likes about HUT is that there are fascinating cards and packs. EA recently increase the number of packs across all the gaming series but they should focus on adding new features and resolving existing bugs rather than creating new packs to earn a profit.

Fix Random Error Codes

Have you been stuck in a loading screen or waiting for user screen? Or have you noticed these random codes on the screen or when you are inside a mode and you are taken to the menu for a new reason? This is caused by random error code in NHL HUT. This might have happened to every HUT player at least once so it needs immediate attention.  The NHL Ultimate Team will greatly benefit from rechecking all the bugs and fixing them before releasing NHL 18.

What features or fixes do you want to see in NHL 18 Ultimate Team? Comment

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